14th November 2017

Another massage? Yes please!

All of the physical massage that I provide helps with circulation. However, the hot stone massage I had last week was really beneficial. The days after […]
31st October 2017
Hot stone massage

Hurrah – I feel so much better!

Since we last spoke, I have had two massage treatments. The first was on Monday, a hot stone massage with turmeric and lavender. I was surprised […]
24th October 2017

I’m craving a massage

I usually have a massage at least once every three weeks. Unfortunately my usual therapist is out of the country and I can really feel my […]
17th October 2017
Autumn sun

Making the most of the Autumn Sunshine

Exercise: I have been doing a lot of walking to maximise sunshine during this time of year – getting all the Vitamin D I can. Just […]