24th January 2018
Massage for detox

How does massage help your body detox?

Need to help Detox your body? Massage can help. If, like me, you aren’t feeling your best after the festive period of general over-indulgence, it might […]
28th November 2017

How massage therapy can help improve your circulation

Those of us who suffer with cold hands often like to use the old phrase ‘cold hands, warm heart’. The truth is – those of us […]
14th November 2017

Another massage? Yes please!

All of the physical massage that I provide helps with circulation. However, the hot stone massage I had last week was really beneficial. The days after […]
31st October 2017
Hot stone massage

Hurrah – I feel so much better!

Since we last spoke, I have had two massage treatments. The first was on Monday, a hot stone massage with turmeric and lavender. I was surprised […]