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This treatment is enchanting, extremely relaxing, allows you to switch off for up to 7 days after and is great for resetting the body.

It is delivered with the client lying on the massage couch, fully clothed with their socks off. It only involves the feet, or hands instead if you wish. Many health conditions can be addressed in a short period of time on the feet.

I can tell if you have had broken bones in the past and which ones they are, if you have had dental work, or one of your wisdom teeth hasn’t yet come through! I have found early stages of cancer in clients before, when they did not know they had it.

At times of the treatment you will be able to tell where I am working, from the correlating sensation of awakening in the same area in your body.

IBS sufferers have reported not needing to take steroids for their symptoms post treatment. Clients who have treatments for anxiety or depression feel much more at peace with themselves and others afterwards.

It is a sleepy treatment which most clients do fall asleep in, and is suitable for any age.

Outside the clinic environment, every so often my guide dog Lillie gets the hiccups and I eliminate them by pressing the solar plexus point on her paw!

Reflexology (also known as zone therapy) was first practised in Egypt 6000 years ago!

It is great for sciatica, slipped discs, those trying to conceive, regulating periods, nerve problems and fatigue. It is also completely safe for pregnant ladies.


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