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I’m craving a massage


I usually have a massage at least once every three weeks. Unfortunately my usual therapist is out of the country and I can really feel my body craving a treatment.

The benefits that I feel from having regular preventative treatments are huge. It really regulates my overall mood and helps me manage my stress levels, as well as maintaining my body mechanics.

During my recent health kick, I have been aware of the relationship between food absorption and holistic massage. It enables me to really make the most of the nutrients found in the good foods I am eating. Massage helps eliminate a build up of toxins – which is really helpful when you are looking at your overall health and well-being.

However, if I am looking for purely relaxation in a treatment, I really find both an Indian head massage and reflexology really beneficial. I sleep so well afterwards!

In the colder months you can be more susceptible to injury as it can take longer to warm your muscles up. It can take twice as long. Preventative sports massage is a really great way to help minimise injury. I try to make sure I have regular sports massage for just this reason – especially on the bike as it gets very cold!


Thinking about what foods are healthy and help you ward off the cold-bearing bugs is a really worthwhile exercise. As there is currently an abundance of festive pumpkins on the shelves everywhere you turn, I want to make the most of it and stock up on pumpkin soup. It is not only warming but really good for you – I will keep it simple with some garlic (making the most of its natural antiseptic, especially important with colds around!) chilli and ginger for an extra punch! I am also drinking green tea, both because I like the taste and it can help with weight loss.

Speaking of colds and flu, in my area of Bristol, my local health centre has advised me that you can get a cold and flu jab at most large Asda stores (other places may also do this) for £7.00. This might be helpful to know if you are pressed for time to get a doctor’s appointment.

Darker nights:

The nights are now getting shorter and because of all the exercise and healthy eating I really am noticing a difference in my energy levels in the evenings. I am feeling naturally tired, so am making the most of this, getting earlier nights – which results in earlier mornings so I can really make the most of the day.

I will be meeting with Colin Jackson in Stratford on Avon at the Everyone Active Gym this week. It is a mentoring day on how to get sponsorship for sailing and manage your sporting training alongside your working day – including PR for your sport. I will also be on “GPs behind closed doors” on Channel 5 on 1st November. I will let you know how I get on!

Until next time,


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