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Making the most of the Autumn Sunshine

Autumn sun


I have been doing a lot of walking to maximise sunshine during this time of year – getting all the Vitamin D I can. Just being in the gym doesn’t always give me the fix I need. I have been doing some tandem riding – 22 miles at the weekend into the countryside – saying hello the the horses along the way! It’s a great group activity to do – really helps you commit to doing it especially in the colder months as you get the social fix as well as outdoor expertise.

The next ride I have planned is the 28th October and sailing in Cowes the weekend of 7th November – it’s good to have dates in the diary to look forward to!


Due to the extra exercise I have been feeling a little more peckish – on the days where I have sport scheduled in I take a banana with me, so when I have finished I eat that to help me make good choices before my main meal – otherwise I would be hungry and make bad choices! I try to eat foods that will keep me going such as porridge before a bike ride.

I am making an effort to not eat after 8pm – this helps me sleep better because I am resting rather than digesting so my body is more settled.

One of my snacking downfalls is crisps. I love them! A good alternative I have found it the Walkers Baked crisps. Unlike some diet snacks they taste really good and give you the crisp hit you are after!

Overall I have been drinking more water but I do need to remind myself, even though the weather is cooler and you feel less thirsty, you still need to keep hydrated!

Snack tips:

To keep my mood balanced during times when my meal times have been delayed or I am just more hungry than usual, I try to keep a healthy snack in my bag to avoid the hunger slump and make a snap choice of something unhealthy that I may regret!

My snack tip – coconut sesame snaps – they really lift me and give the sweet boost my body craves.

The 5 – 2, still going strong:

Nothing has changed in my choice of the 5-2 diet, it still suits me really well and I really don’t feel like it is a diet. Making food a friend and creating healthy habits. I am noticing definite improvements in my weight loss and friends have complimented my skin tone, and said my face looks slimmer, which felt really nice. Long may it continue!

Until next time,


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