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Water, water everywhere – I must remember to drink!

As the days tick on, I seem to be learning more about myself and my general feelings of energy, what is working for me and what I need to reflect on to make different choices.

One main change I have decided to do is weigh myself after the second fast day, instead of the first fast day. By doing this the weight loss is greater, therefore spurring me on that the hard work I am putting in is paying off and encouraging me to keep going!

Even on days when I am not fasting, I am making different choices. For example, I am managing to have smaller portions – so where I would have usually had two sausages for instance, I am now only having one because I don’t feel the need to have extra. I am also feeling full much quicker on non-fasting days. It breaks habits. I’m also using a smaller plate than I was before, which is making a difference. I can load my plate so I don’t get too much food envy, and physiologically that seems to be helping.

Making different choices – my desire for snacking has decreased. I am trying Yoyo snacks, which are only 26 calories. A good snack alternative if you feel the need for something sweet!

Drinking liquid – I have not drunk enough water this week, and I want to make sure I keep that up as I do feel fuller. Taking bottled water with me to work always helps.

Exercise – in preparation for the Worlds (Sailing World Championships) I have been experimenting with SIS science energy and hydration packs. I don’t like the texture very much and I find them hard to consume, but it’s all trial and error.

Fasting days – I’m being flexible. I like to space them at the beginning and the end of the week usually, but with commitments I have moved them to accommodate my lifestyle… you have to make it work for you.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on at the Worlds!!


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