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How massage therapy can help improve your circulation


Those of us who suffer with cold hands often like to use the old phrase ‘cold hands, warm heart’. The truth is – those of us sporting frozen fingers are most likely dealing with poor blood circulation.

Cold extremities such as chilly fingers are just one symptom of poor circulation. Many also suffer from tiredness, water retention, dizziness and fatigue or general aches and pains. Such symptoms can indicate an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles or the lack of a strong and consistent flow of oxygen-rich blood to brain tissue.

While some of us are genetically inclined to have better circulation than others, many factors can affect how well blood and oxygen are delivered to various parts of the body. The many benefits of receiving massage therapy on a regular basis extend far beyond the relaxing feeling you are left with. The pressure placed on the body during a massage helps to move blood throughout the body. This promotes healthy circulation, which is essential for delivering vitamins, minerals, and oxygen to the cells of your body as well as helping protect the health of your heart.

Massage is an effective way to encourage blood and lymph flow to the extremities, organs and superficial blood vessels. We have enough capillaries in our body if lined up end to end to go around the world not once but twice, yet we only have 5-6 litres of blood. Consistently delivering this oxygen-rich blood to your heart, brain, and body is essential in preserving cognitive and organ function, keeping muscles from cramping, and maintaining healthy skin.

Taking care of your body should be a top priority, and improved blood circulation is just one of the many benefits of regular massage therapy. A balanced diet and regular exercise are of course very important, but massage can help you feel great too!

To find out more about the massage treatments I offer or to book a session, get in touch!

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