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A change of scene, but sticking to the plan!

Silver medal in Sheboygan

I have recently returned from competing in the Sailing World Championships in Sheboygan, 100 miles north of Chicago. We were a team of 17 including our coach, and there were four in my boat, a 23 foot sonar. It’s an Olympic class boat. We were out there for 10 days and we came second and returned with a silver medal!

Being away from home and putting my body through some tough challenges I expected my energy levels to be compromised, but on the whole due to preparation and expectations I managed to cope pretty well.

Drinking water – because of the heat I was consciously drinking a lot which was great. I was doing it mainly from the gels, but overall I noticed a difference in my mood and performance. I will try to keep this up at home because I really did notice the change in my well-being.

Gels – Last time I discussed experimenting with gels during the competition. They made a huge difference to my energy levels during the event. I would not advocate using them outside of events – I try to manage my energy levels in a more natural way by eating and drinking regularly. However, perfect for sports and endurance events. Success!

My routine – Now I am back in the country and getting slowly back into my routine. I want to make sure that I don’t fall into bad winter habits and keep to my healthy eating regime and exercise plan – during the Autumn I tend to hibernate! I have yet to clock in on the scales to see the result of my time away, but hopefully it has not been detrimental. I feel lighter, however we will see!

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