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Why I chose turquoise for Rodrigues Relaxation

Rodrigues Relaxation canopy

If you’ve been to my treatment room, you’ll know that it has a wonderful turquoise theme, from the walls, to the sweeping fabric canopy on the ceiling, to the treatment couch cover and my uniform.

As well as just loving the colour, there are some reasons I chose it for Rodrigues Relaxation. Turquoise is very good at calming emotions and recharging the spirit, making it a wonderfully relaxing colour to have around you when having a massage.

Rodrigues Relaxation canopySally RodriguesRodrigues Relaxation wind chimes

Turquoise also re-energises you if you’re lacking in energy, and promotes positive thoughts. It can therefore help lift your overall feeling of well-being and enhance your emotional healing – perfect complements to physical massage.

Why not come in to the treatment centre and see for yourself how being surrounded by turquoise can make you feel! You can book your treatment here.

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